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LCAC Visual Upgrade Completion

RPA has recently completed the design, installation, and acceptance testing of the visual upgrade for the US Navy LCAC simulators as the visual systems provider to LSI, Inc. of Jacksonville, FL.  The LCAC simulators each have a collimated display system for which RPA upgraded the configuration to use three WQXGA Digital Projection dVision 35 LED projectors in concert with RPA’s StarScan (3D Perception branded) automated alignment system to achieve enhanced performance on these display systems.  These systems represent our first WarpLite (also sold through 3D Perception) warp, blend, and color correction software installation on a fielded training system.  RPA also provided new computing platforms for the image generation, displays for the IOS, and coordinated visual database upgrades through our subcontractor, Presagis USA, Inc. as part of this effort.  The design, installation, and acceptance were all completed on time and within budget.  LSI LCAC FMT Program Manager, Dr. Brett Ulander stated: “RPA has been very responsive since day one of the program. We very much appreciate their flexibility and effort in getting the job done right!”

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