Modeling, Simulation & Training

RPA offers a multitude of MS&T capabilities and services. RPA has the experience and resources to handle all of your visual system requirements. Our capabilities include design, production, and installation of real image displays (projected or display panel) as well as upgrades to existing collimated systems. RPA principals have combined more than 60 years of experience in training and simulation visual and sensor systems development. We can provide competitive proposals to meet demanding requirements based upon an open market approach to the choice of technologies and suppliers.

Real-Time Data Acquisition & Processing Platforms

Since 1995, RPA has been providing our customers with cutting edge real-time data acquisition and processing platforms. From embedded, low power I/O modules to CE certified, low latency video processing, we’re the experienced professionals that become an extension of your team to get problems solved quickly and efficiently.

Automated Alignment

RPA’s Automated Alignment Systems provide highly adaptable, precision alignment capabilities for immersive display systems of all types. This solution can measure the actual geometry of the viewing surface to compensate for changes over time or differences from theoretical. We have solutions for traditional immersive as well as helmet mounted displays and collimated.

4k Gen3Lock!

The RPA Gen3lock kit provides a generic solution for image generating applications (up to 4K resolutions) that require multiple channels of imagery to be synchronized to one another. By applying this solution to virtually any commercial graphics card, the user can leverage the gaming card performance and maintain synchronized, jitter free operation.

RPA Electronics Genlock
RPA Electronics Genlock
RPA Electronics Genlock


The RPA team has the expertise to leverage HPC in order to solve our customer’s complex computational problems. Let us help you parallelize your existing solutions or develop new ones that set you apart from your competition.