We Do

Core Competence

We have the expertise necessary to develop embedded hardware and software solutions to solve your most demanding technical challenges.

Our employees have decades of experience in real-time signal processing systems (hardware, firmware, and software) design and development.

RPA personnel also have experience in the training and simulation visual systems marketplace dating back to 1981.


RPA was founded in 1995 as a design firm specializing in real-time signal processing hardware and software platforms.

Prior to RPA, the founders worked in the training and simulation business, primarily in visual and RADAR systems simulation, including display systems and visual, night vision sensor, and RADAR real-time image generation. Experienced in the field of training systems visual systems since 1981.

Has been performing cutting edge SBIR research for NAVAIR Training Systems Division (NAWC TSD) and Army PEO STRI since 2003.

Video Processing Systems

  • Low latency designs
  • Custom designs
  • Wireless Training Systems

RPA has been developing low latency video processing systems since our inception. Several of our early development projects were for FLIR IG and RADAR display post processing applications.

Display Systems

  • Automated Alignment
  • Image Processing
  • Complete Turnkey Systems

Developed a patented, high precision display automated alignment system that supports eye-limiting resolution and absolute accuracy throughout the entire viewing volume.

Precision Solutions for Demanding Problems